Wednesday, June 09, 2010

End of Year Fun

Last night my girl had her first karate exam. She was promoted (from white/beginner belt) to orange belt. She was very excited. She started karate in January and has been loving it. Joe had called the karate association to see if they would give us a discount because she would make the fifth child we have enrolled in their program. They graciously said she could take lessons for free. When we told her she was going to start karate, she was not happy. We thought she'd be happy, but she did not want to take karate. We told her she had to go (and even though she fought us just a half hour earlier), the second she put on her karate uniform, she was singing and dancing and skipping through the house. She absolutely has loved karate from that moment on.

Today was Carter's 5th grade promotion ceremony. Unfortunately, he forgot to tell me he was supposed to dress up and wore shorts and a tee. And his raincoat ? ?

They showed a slideshow of all the children with a baby photo and the career of their dreams and then it showed a current picture with the child's name. It was very sweet. I got a little teary-eyed when I saw Carter's big, drooly baby face on the big screen and then a current picture of him holding a chicken. He said he wants to be a police officer, which is news to me. He's always wanted to be in the Army, like Joe. But, whatever his dreams are, I will happily and lovingly support them.


Anonymous said...

I think the fingerprinting merit badge influenced him. He is interested in the FBI/law enforcement forensics stuff now. DH>

Katie said...

Too cute! I can't believe he's going into 6th grade already!!! Where has time gone???

nikko said...

Spenser in the gi is too cute!