Friday, May 06, 2011

Lace Belt

I actually had a different idea for the (crocheted) lace, but when I thought of a lace-only belt, I threw my original idea out the window.

This belt is so springy. Light. Airy. Breezy. Feminine.

Spring, indeed.

I wore this exact outfit (plus jean capris) to here with Sawyer (and friends), here (to buy a few things for the garden), and out to tend the chickens. Pearls. To tend to chickens.


beki said...

All your belts are so pretty! I wish I had a waist to wear one around!!

Diane said...

The most beautiful belt I've ever seen! Oh the torment!! Stunning creation. Well done.

amandajean said...

that is such a pretty belt! and i love the little cardigan that you paired it with. i'm with beki. i wish i had a waist to wear one around. you are such a thin little thing! your belts are soo fun!

i'm LOLing about you wearing pearls to tend your chickens. "why not?" i say. :)

deborah said...

That is a darling belt! I love it!There is something so lovely about lace.