Friday, December 17, 2010

Paper Dolls & Puppets

Last Friday the three elementary-school-aged kids in our house had early dismissal from school. (The two older boys were not happy they had a whole day of school.)

Knowing that the minute my children walk in the door, they start arguing and fighting about who is getting on the computer first, I was armed with ideas. I printed some Christmas word searches and mazes for each of them. The website I found had different levels, so each child got the appropriate-aged puzzle. And that kept them quiet. For a bit.

Spenser then worked on addressing her class Christmas cards.

And then we decided to break out the new Cricut cartridge I had bought on clearance the week before: Paper Doll Dress Up. Now, I have to admit that this was as much for myself as it was for Spenser. I'm not going to lie about this. I felt a little giddy when I saw it. And I seriously cannot believe I waited a week to break it out. I should also admit that it was my first cartridge purchase. (Although not the last.)

Anyway, we started to make paper dolls out of scrapbook paper and cardstock and we had a grand time. Then a few boys joined in on the fun.

The next morning (on our way to my nephew's baptism), I stopped at Michaels to pick up craft sticks to turn the dolls into puppets. (How could I have not foreseen that dolls turn into puppets, which turn into family puppet shows?)

I started to think about all the things I we could do with this cartridge and decided that I would make a puppet kit as part of a gift exchange at Sawyer's preschool. The gift is to be in the $5 range. I picked up a clearanced $2 set of Legos at the store yesterday and thought a puppet kit would be a fun addition.

I made an elf, Santa, and Mrs. Claus kit, each in their own labeled zippy bag.

They were placed inside a clear page protector with extra craft sticks, a glue stick and miscellaneous pieces, like a Christmas tree, sleigh, reindeer and gingerbread men, plus two plain people to decorate/color.

I hope it is well received. I mean, I would love it. And so would my children.

[I thought it would be a fun craft for a class (i.e., Spenser's Kindergarten class) holiday party, but sadly, I don't think they are allowed to have parties like that anymore. I think everything they do now is low-key. They exchange cards and maybe have a snack, but with political correctness, food allergies and store-bought food only, it's not as fun as it was in my days.]


beth said...

It might not be as much fun in your eyes but they don't know any different.

And to the kids with food allergies? They are part of the group and well, alive, so that is really most important.

Don't you think?
Love the paper dolls.

lisa said...

I think this is a cute idea. We had a party and I had the gift bags. Just wasn't as in to it as Halloween. But I would have tried something like this if I could get my silhouette to work!

laeroport/lori said...

Our schools give such mixed messages. Our parties are supposed to be "fall", but then they have a halloween costume parade. And this one is supposed to be "winter" so we are doing all snowman/snowflake activities/crafts but then they are having a holiday sing (and what? they are singing hannukah songs?) in the gym after that. Whatever. End rant.

But those paper dolls. Ack! CUTE!

utmommy said...

Love the paper dolls! My kiddos would love something like that!

Lora said...

My two boys would love kits like these and I bet the hospital wouldn't mind us doing a project like this while we sit up here waiting me for me to recover from transplant!
CUTE Ideas for friends who have little ones put up in the hopital too! keep up the good woke Lera

amandajean said...

these are so cute!!! puppet shows are popular at our house as well. it's always good for a laugh.