Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Church Tote

I needed a new springy tote for church. I really should call it the Mom-do-you-have-a-pen tote. Or maybe the Mom-do-you-have-a-tissue tote. Or even the Mom-do-you-have-any-lotion tote. Or perhaps the Mom-can-I-have-a-piece-of-gum tote. Oh, and Mom-can-I-stick-my-trash-in-your-bag tote. Because that's what my tote holds. It holds the pens. And crayons. And small activity books. The lotion. The tissues. The trash. And two of my church books.

I subscribe to a sewing blog that rounds up tutorials and I saw this one the other day. I realized I had everything on hand, so I whipped one up.

I do wish I would have used the wide eyelet lace on the bottom. And I wish I had enough to go completely around the bag, instead of piecing it together with eyelet lace of a different width. Oh well. I'll use it for a few months and move on anyway.


Tricia said...

Oh my, this is darling!! And I love your titles/description for the tote. So true! You are so talented...I love the doily bunting! You live in Maryland? How fun...looks so beautiful there.

Sounds like we have lots in common. And yes, everyone else's six always looks like more than mine...why is that?

Glad to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Your Tote turned out wonderful! So glad to hear my post inspired you to try making one!

Have a blessed Resurrection Celebration!

bee blessed

Diane said...

Love it!! (I have yet to meet one of your totes that I did not like.)