Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ribbon-Tied Belts

One of my boys received a brown suede ugly hand-me-down coat. To put it mildly, I despised the coat. But, said son liked the coat and wore it. Luckily he outgrew the coat. It was placed in the donate pile without hesitation of passing it on to a younger boy.

It sat there and I pondered the coat's purpose in life and decided it would be happy to be repurposed into a more useful item. I thought about a bag, but then I knew it had to be a belt.

Afraid to "waste" the body of the coat, I cut apart the sleeves to experiment. And, lucky for me, it turns out that I love the experiment!

I made the belt reversible with a bit of Alexander Henry fabric.

It's versatile, too. I can dress it up or dress it down. (The design on this belt is what prompted me to go to the ribbon outlet in the first place.)

I then decided I'd like at least another belt in this style, so I whipped up this one.

I used a solid gray fabric and sewed a piece of lace down the middle.

The reverse is solid black.

I like this belt, but somehow it turned out two inches longer than the brown one and it's actually too big for my waist. (I cinched it in the back for the photos.)

(I used a medium-weight, iron-on interfacing to give the belt some stability.)


christy said...

very cute

Diane said...

Very cute! They look great on you! Makes me want to wear belts, but with a short waist, where do you put it? They sort of make me look like the old man with his pants pulled up too high. Even with a pretty belt, not a pretty picture!