Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cleaning the Slate

I guess it's time to wipe the slate clean with "Trips to the School Nurse" and "Soccer Goals."

Trips to the School Nurse 2010 - 11
Taylor: 2
Carter: 2
Jackson: 0
Mason: 6 (4 in one day!)
Spenser: 7

Soccer Goals Fall 2010
Taylor: 0
Carter: 0
Jackson: 2
Mason: 0

And, for the record, Mason has already visited Nurse Maureen. And so the love affair continues ...

Edited to add: Spenser just came home with a slip that she visited Nurse Maureen today.

1 comment:

nikko said...

How funny! What kind of things do they go to the nurse for? It seems as though whenever my kids go to the nurse they end up having a fever and I have to come get them. ;o)

Nice to see you blogging again!