Thursday, September 29, 2011

This Little Man of Mine

It seems like yesterday that this little man of mine was born into this world. The baby that seemed like he was in no hurry to come out of me. The baby that has grown so much over the years. Years. As in five years.

Five years. Oh my. Where has the time gone? (So many of my bloggy friends have been around for five years. And a little longer. It's a milestone, I tell ya.)

I'm lucky enough to have Sawyer home with me for one more year. His September birthday was just a little too late for him to start Kindergarten. But, seriously, I don't mind it a bit. I always say to him, after the kids leave for school, "It's just you and me, kid." At one point (last school year) he asked me to stop saying it, and so I obliged. I started it again this year and he has started to say it to me.

He often asks me during the day to cuddle with him. Usually it's when I'm busy cleaning the house, doing dishes, etc. I have learned to stop what I'm doing and cuddle with him on the sofa. It's not going to last forever, even though I wish it would. And he really is the best cuddler in the world. He's so good that he nearly puts me to sleep every time we cuddle. (And it's not just because I'm waking every morning before 5:30 to take Taylor to Seminary before school ;-)

And my little man loves his preschool homework. He is so proud of himself. He is eager to learn and willing to do the work the minute he finishes his lunch.

He's really one of my best friends. I spend the most time with him. He's a good listener. He's a good talker. He's a great hugger and cuddler. And he's so obedient. He is wiser than his five years of experience in so many ways. Oh, the things he says. And asks. And figures out. His mind must never rest. Always busy, busy, busy.

I bought him the Cootie game recently. I remembered that we had that game many years ago. I used to play it with Taylor (and Carter ?) until we lost all the pieces in a move. I have deja vu when I play with Sawyer. He is so much like his eldest brother. Even down to picking the red cootie body and head, cowboy hat and googly eyes. It just resonates with me that we were always destined to be a family from the very beginning. He was always meant to be mine and I was always meant to be his. And I could. not. love. him. more. I'm so happy he's here.

To celebrate Sawyer's 5th birthday, we had family over for a little get-together on Sunday after church. Really nothing elaborate. Just brownies + ice cream, chips + salsa, and carrots + dip. Just some cousins (of all ages), grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Somehow, I managed to throw a memorable party, but you'll have to come back tomorrow to read about it. (I mean, why taint such a nice post about my boy with birthday party stuff?) Really, you don't want to miss it. We'll see you tomorrow then?


Cindy Is Crafty said...

He is so stinkin' cute!

mimi said...

so glad you are back! you have been missed!

Emily said...

He is growing up right before my eyes! Cutesy!