Friday, October 23, 2009

You Know You're a Redneck

when the only thing holding your son's trumpet together is some super glue and clothespins.

But, you're a little classier when you have trumpet-case fur sticking to it, giving the trumpet some extra bling.

(For the record, Carter's mouthpiece was stuck on. As we tried to remove it, the trumpet fell apart. It was Sunday night or so. Joe glued it and Carter took it to school on Monday. As the band teacher tried to remove the mouthpiece, it fell apart again. Poor guy. He was probably sweating bullets when it broke. We glued it again. And then again. And now, the mouthpiece is stuck again. It will probably stay attached until his new one arrives. Any day now.)

So, I ask: What's holding your trumpet together?


Anonymous said...

well it could be duck tape! lol

nikki said...

LOL! Yeah, at least it's not duct tape!
Poor Carter!

Katie said...

Poor Mr. C!! I bet he can't wait to get that new one! Knowing that the weekend begins at 5:30 tonight, is holding my 'trumpet' together today!
Love, Katie

Jennifer said...

As a former French Horn player whose mouthpiece occasionally stuck here and there-I'd like to offer up the simple remedy that will avoid these repairs. Simply run ice cold water over only the mouthpiece part-the mouthpiece will fall out after a minute or two. Encourage your son to twist the mouth piece every so often so it doesn't get stuck!

Diane said...

Too funny!

amandajean said...

you are so funny.