Monday, January 24, 2011

Illusion Necklace

Many years ago Joe bought me a pearl illusion necklace. I have loved that thing to death. I still wear it on occasion. Just last week at church a little girl told me how much she loved it. It reaffirmed my own love for it. The only teeny tiny problem was that it is made from white pearls and, well, some times I'd like to wear it, but need it in a different color ...

You know how that goes. You think about something you "need," and then figure out a way to make it. And that's exactly what I did. I think it was a wardrobe essential. And I'm pretty sure I didn't actually need it, but it was simple enough to pull together.

You can dress it down.

You can wear it with a scarf (because rarely do the two leave my neck -- it's been so cold lately).

And you can dress it up. I wore it to church yesterday with my Shabby Apple dress. [Can I just tell you how much I love their dresses? They are comfy, stylish yet classic and well-made. I wore one to Taylor's special night back in December. And then I bought another one with my town council pay check after Christmas. Oh, and Spenser has one, too! I owe my first two dresses (and Spenser's dress and this cute bracelet) to Groupon and a very awesome deal they had back in the summer. But now I'm hooked! I'm eyeing up the Truman, but it might be a little too short for me.]

I'm still in the very early experimental stages of making the necklaces. Spenser has requested one of her own. I made a second one, but it needs tweaking. I also found some baby pink pearls I bought to make a bracelet for Spenser a few years ago. I have enough for one necklace ... Maybe, if I'm lucky, she'll share it with me. Or I'll share it with her.


lisa said...

I’m not sure that I ever should have visited that website! Too cute! And they have one made with Amy Butler fabric! And the little girls dresses! I don’t think I could splurge right now because I don’t really need a dress (even though I really really want to), but if you see another Groupon let me know! And the Truman is super cute!

lisa said...

Did you see the Yorksire? Tweed!

nikko said...

Do we get the how-to for a necklace?

I've seen that website and those dresses. They look fab, but I'd love to see one modeled on someone my size (like a 14-16) before I bought one. :o)