Monday, January 03, 2011

Sisters' Gifts 2010

My favorite craft is making gifts. In years' past, I have cranked out multiples of the same gift to give to my sisters, friends, and teachers.

This Christmas, I decided to give an embroidered linen handkerchief (with a bar of my homemade chocolate-mint soap).

At first I was really excited about giving the hankies. I love little vintage hankies. I collect and use them. (I have a very small collection.) But then I started to wonder and fear if this was a weird thing to give people. After all, I'm sure not everyone shares my affinity with hankies.

I still wonder what people think about them. And if they know what is is. One teacher sent home a thank-you note and thanked my son for the monogrammed "cloth."

You can see years' past here. My sister, Kate, reminded me last year that I gifted a gold-gilded picture of the temple one year. But there is one year that still eludes us both.

* * As I was typing this, I looked out to the chicken coop and saw an odd thing. We had a hen that was acting strange yesterday. She was very still and standing. Carter tried to pick her up, but she panicked and made some sad sounds. We patted her and told her we loved her, but I didn't expect her to make it through the night. Sadly, the "odd" thing I saw in the chicken run was more horrifying than just a chicken who died in the night. And more horrifying than a dead chicken who was eaten by her fellow hens ... It appears there was a predator last night and took the poor defenseless hen and dragged her to the chicken run door. She was too large to fit through the opening, so it ate her where it was: wedged in the doorway. It was gruesome. I am ever so glad that Joe is home today. (Just recently Joe shot an intruding opossum who was scaling down the chicken wire of the chicken run.)* *


christy said...

I love hankies! They are much better on my nose than kleenex. My dad always had one in his pocket so now Cory and I carry one too.

Marty said...

I think we should go back to hankies, instead of all those tissues that plug up the landfills.

My MIL has collected a ton of hankies over the years-that was what you tucked into a card to give to a friend. We just cleaned out her place to move her to an assisted living facility and all that stuff went into storage. I asked that, when she passes I could have a few of her hankies.

nikko said...

I love the hankies! I think it's a great idea.

So sorry about your hen. :o(

Katie said...

I love my hankie! And the way that Andy's nose runs, he's going to get more use of it then me. Also, I was thinking, not sure what year it was, but you gave us a little book about angels. I know something else came with it, but what I don't know!!

Amy said...

The hankies are beautiful!

Regarding the chickens--so sorry--we have the same kind of gory things happen at our coop (we live in the country with coyotes and raccoon about)!

Lisa said...

The hanky is gorgeous! I want to use it, but haven't brought myself to dirty it yet! I love my hanky!