Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sisters' Gifts 2009

One fabric rosette pin+

one bar of handmade chocolate-mint soap =

Sisters' gifts for 2009

Every year on Christmas Eve my sisters and I (and my mother, sisters-in-law, my brother's fiancee, and my sister-in-law's sister) all exchange gifts. Everyone gets the same thing or with little variance. The gift I gave this year was a bar of my soap and a fabric rosette pin.

Previous years of handmade sisters' gifts:

2008 - snowman towels and soap
2007 - zippered pouches and soap
2006 - family cookbooks and tissue pouches and soap
2005 - "home is where the heart is" embroidered, framed plaque (not blogged)
2004 - can't remember
2003 - can't remember
2002 - "sisters are forever" embroidered pillow (not blogged) which was the Christmas after Kristen died.
2001 - homemade glycerin soap and bath salts.


Katie said...

One of the presents was the golden/foil Temple in a picture frame. I don't remember what year that was. I was wondering when you were going to blog next!! Love, Katie

christine said...

so everytime you post about soap i start getting crazy ideas that i might want to try making it.

please stop. ;)

Brenda said...

I love the rosette. I want to make some of these.

Diane said...

Can you adopt me as a sister??

This reminds me that I need to post about my Christmas gifts - soap! And this year I made chocolate mint too, but yours look waaaay better.

janineb said...

what a sweet idea

hooli said...

It so sweet that you have this special tradition. Thanks for sharing it with the internets. I enjoyed it. Great gifts... by the way.