Thursday, January 28, 2010

Knit Scarf

I have tried knitting in the past. I could do the knit stitch just fine, but when it came to purling ... well, that was another story. I had purchased books and tried to figure it out. Without much luck or success. That was a few years ago. (I think Sawyer was a baby.)

My desire to learn was always strong, but other things were more important or pressing and it wasn't a priority.

A few weeks ago I decided to try again. I picked out the ribs and ruffles scarf pattern (as seen over at Amanda's) and got to work. Well, I didn't get far before I placed an emergency SOS call to a fellow blogger, friend and knitter, Karyn. After she thoroughly explained the "Eve's ribbing" to me, I was back on my way.

Along the way I had issues. As you can see. For some unknown (to me) reason, my ribbing kept skipping. It wouldn't stay in a straight line. Just when I thought I had it, I'd realize it wasn't matched up again.

And, at some point, it went missing altogether. I don't know what happened there.

I knew that I would not be able to wear this thing, even if it is the first thing I knitted almost to completion, but I persevered. I kept forging ahead until I realized I was running out of yarn. (I had another skein of yarn that I could have used, but I didn't want to invest any more money in the scarf that would eventually be frogged. In fact, Spenser and Sawyer have been asking to help take it apart. I think we'll do take care of that this morning.)

So, I post this so you can laugh at its hideousness. Go ahead. It's okay. I've gotten my fair share of laughs from it. Now it's your turn.


beki said...

Hmm, it looks to me like you purled where you were supposed to knit and knit where you were supposed to purl...perhaps you were off a stitch on that particular row, which threw the whole thing off? On my first ribbing project I had to write ont he pattern (and refer to it often) to purl the "bumps" and knit the "v's". It was quite a while before I could actually see and distinguish exactly what I was doing.

Diane said...

Sorry, I can offer no advice. Again, we parallel in that I am a troubled knitter. It always ends with me vowing to never knit again. I applaud your perserverance. I'm a big believer in long bulky scarves to wrap around and around to cover my stitch mistakes!

Madre Adoptiva said...

A very common mistake for new knitters is picking up a stitch when starting a new row occasionally, which would throw off your knit/purl pattern. There is a great website called She has videos for all common knit/purl stitches and even common mistakes. Also, Youtube is FULL of how-to videos. In all honesty, knitting takes repetition and practice. Once you are able to see which stitches need to be knitted and which need to be purled, you'll be flying!

nikko said...

I have tried knitting, too, but it just doesn't "grab" me, you know? The only thing I have to show for my attempts is a half finished washcloth... ;o)

FinnyKnits said...

Ah, don't we all have projects like that. You don't want to quit because "Oh, I've put so much work into this!" but you don't want to keep going because "Oh, this thing is so wrong, I'll never wear it."

Perhaps you'll stow it for a while and then frog it for something new, or another try at the good old scarf.


Karyn said...

OMG!!! LOL!!!!

Okay, so it's hardly perfect, but I still think it's awesome!

I still chuckle frequently when I think about your international 911 phone call.

Good for you for finishing it (almost). Your next one WILL be perfect. Will there be a next one???

lisa said...

I'm right there with ya. I think it's because I crochet. Good luck!

amandajean said...

i'm sorry, but i did laugh. mostly at your typed in comments on the photo. you crack me up. this pattern is worth perservering...i'm dreaming up what color to knit it in next. :) i've only made it 3 times so far. only. ;)