Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Care Tags *TUTORIAL*

When I was making hats for my sisters, I realized that it is important to know how to care for a handmade item. I'm always nervous when I make things for others. Will they like it? Will it fit? Will they use it? I'd be mortified if a gift I made someone fell apart during laundering. To alleviate my (sometimes irrational) fears, I made simple care tags for each of the hats.

First, find a font you like. I used a "typewriter" font for mine. Then I found a free clipart image of yarn. (I found several of yarn and knitting needles, but the hats were crocheted, so I was not able to use them.) While I love Google, I have found that searching for free images is so much user-friendly on Bing. Print on cardstock, scrapbook or another heavy paper (i.e., Kraft paper would be cute).

If you have a paper cutter, this will be easy. If not, it will still be cute. Just think of your tag as having a more rustic appeal. Cut the tags, leaving more space in front of the image (or at the "top" of the tag).

Next cut out the individual tags.

Using a hole punch (I chose a little rectangular one), punch a hole at the top of the tag.

Using paper scissors, cut off the corners of each tag.

Using ribbon, embroidery floss, bakers twine, or crochet thread, attach the tag to the garment. (If you don't have an area that you can easily attach the tag to the garment, you can use a small safety pin to attach the string.)

Now you are ready to make and gift away. Your gift suddenly looks like it came from a boutique. (And, be warned, your friends may say silly things like, "Only people with chickens make tags." Crazy, but true.)

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