Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I Rock !

Apparently, I rock!

Kirsten nominated me (me!) for a Rockin' Girl Blogger Award. I feel like I should stand up and give a big pageant-wave to everyone. Instead, though, I think I'll just say "Thank you. Thank you very much" in my best/worst Elvis impersonation and nominate five more rockin' girls.

Only five? This is a hard one. Let's see:

Sarah - This girl is the ultimate thrift finder.

Amanda Jean - She is an amazing quilter.

Beki - She works full-time and has three children and is a wonderful seamstress. She can do it all and makes it all look easy.

Jessica - Oh my, Jessica. If you want a good laugh, this is the blog to read. Get your tissues ready. She is hilarious.

Laura - Laura is another one. She is hysterical. Over-the-top hysterical. She's also the nicest person ever. Ever.

I would also nominate Karyn, but she's vacationing and isn't reading blogs this week. But she's a great gal. She sews, geocaches (and is usually a good sport about it), she's very generous and kind, and she cracks me up.

If you don't know these Rockin' Girl Bloggers, go check them out.


kirsten said...

yeah, you think 'rock' and think capello, too! :) nice picks! some of my other faves that i wanted to nominate, too.

capello said...


SilverLining Designs said...


TinkerBlue said...

You do Rock! Congratulations.

Katie Jean said...

you do rock!!

beki said...

Rock on!!

jojo* said...

Of course you rock! I already knew that!

Logger said...

YOU rock!!!! And I rock for spending the last 15 minutes of my life trying to leave a comment to tell you that you rock on this stupid dial-up internet connection!!!!!!

Thanks for the almost nomination too :) he he he

I'm logged into Joe's account so I have no idea who it will say left this comment, but it's me, Karyn!!!!!!

I am NOT going to try to log out and log back in, so you'll just have to trust that it is ME.

Sarah and Jack said...

Hey thanks! Keep rockin with your own bad self. (wink)

(But seriously, I still say 6 kids trumps anything I can do. Anything.)

Heidijayhawk said...

rock on girlie!

Felicia said...

You do rock! :)