Thursday, July 05, 2007

Oh, What a Trip!

Number of meltdowns: 1

Number of baby naps: 1 (at 4:30 p.m. and not nearly long enough) Number of times we looked for Oscar (?) in the trashcan: 2
Number of times all most kids cooperated in family picture: 2
Number of rides I got on: 1 [That's not me, by the way :-)]
Number of times we did not know the names of the Sesame Street characters: too many to count ("Oh, look, it's a pink person dressed as a princess!" "Oh, look at that one!")

Updated to add
Number of kids lost at park: 1 (only for about 30 seconds, but long enough to have a little one crying and a mama very scared)
Number of kids to leave packed suitcase at home: 1

And here is a summation of my drive up with all six children:

Number of get-out-of-the-car stops on the way there: 1 potty-break
Number of times I got lost on the way there: 2, at least
Number of hours longer the drive took: 1
Number of frantic calls to Joe: 4 maybe more (then I made Taylor make the calls for me)
Number of times I threatened to drive back home: 10+
Number of times I meant it: 10+

Number of times I agreed we had a good time: countless

Baby picked up a new habit while we were away: finger and thumb-sucking.


Karyn said...

LOL!!! I didn't know you were pink and furry!!!! *still giggling*.

It looks like a great trip and NOW I know what Sesame Place is! Finally.

Awesome photos Lera!

laeroport said...

What fun! And only one meltdown? You are SUPER MOM for sure!

Brandy said...

Boy, you are one BRAVE woman! I've never heard of Sesame's looks like a lot of fun. If you only had one meltdown and actually got all (most) of your kids to smile in a family photo then you deserve MAJOR kudos! I'm sorry your husband has to be out of town so much. That really stinks and I hope things will change soon.

Brandy said...

Oh, I also meant to comment on the finger sucking. My baby (well she's 2.5 now) has sucked on her middle and ring finger since she was born. I don't know what we've had done without those fingers to comfort her! If she's sucking on them and in your lap, she'll offer you the fingers on her other hand to suck on LOL! Very sweet pics!

Sarah and Jack said...

Only one meltdown??? Jack would have at least one before we were loaded in the car! LOL

I am trying to remember that pink furry thing's name. Jack says she is Elmo. LOL

kirsten said...

wow, how far was the drive? you are so very very brave.

capello said...

um, why is there a question mark after oscar? you've had six kids. you should DEFINITELY know that yes, in fact, oscar is the one that lives in the trash can.

oh, and did you hear? you're totally fucked. michael jackson is looking to moving to maryland.

Alicia A. said...

Wow! SO eventful. But I have a feeling most of your outings are nearly as eventful.

We lost Nora at a July 4th festival for about 2 minutes yesterday. Such an awful feeling. We ran back to look for her, and she was holding some strange lady's hand with one very big, pouty bottom lip.

madmommy said...

Too funny!!! Was Oscar in the can? Good job on getting there and back with all of the kiddo's!

Heidijayhawk said...

you. are. a saint. or crazy. i think survival from a trip like that is paramount. way to go!

kristin said...

sesame place would make me very sit on the steps of a row house...all would be well...thanks for the pictures...

Cici said...

i had never heard of sesame place before - looks like fun. and only one meltdown? that's wonderful. glad you and yours had such a good time!

SilverLining Designs said...

Looks like you had a fun trip. Nice pictures.

nikki said...

so what ride did you get on?

Lauren said...

Looks like in the end you had a great time. I didn't know there was really a Sesame Place.

TinkerBlue said...

Sounds exhausting. Only one meltdown? I am impressed!