Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's All Fun

A couple of Saturdays ago, Jackson was invited to attend the birthday party of one of his former kindergarten classmates. The mother told me her daughter loved arts and crafts, so I thought a pencil roll would be perfect for her. I made three. Well, not all for the birthday girl. Two for my children and one for "Heather G." These are the first I have made and I was surprised at how easily they came together. There were some kinks along the way (the real reason I made three), but I used what I had -- entirely from my stash.

And I finally finished Spenser's twirly skirt from yore. Actually, it's been done for a couple of weeks, I just kept forgetting to blog about it. Although I think it still took a month to finish. Again, I used what I had. (Are you noticing all the sentences started with "A" in this paragraph? Assuredly it was not done on purpose -- except this sentence.)

Today is the end of the Use What You Have Challenge, so both of these are heading to Flickr.

And now for the fun.

If I were a Simpson, I would look like this:

Karyn would look like this:
And Capello with her new self-feathering 'do would look like this:

I took actual photos of these ladies and Simpsonized them. This is what came out. (You can also change hair, eyes, etc. if you want.) I also Simpsonized my children, which they all loved.

You can also create an avatar from scratch here.


Katie Jean said...

I love the pencil rolls... and the honest about what you really made 3! haha.

The skirt is really cute. Would it be wrong to make one and have Isaiah wear it?!?! hee hee. That may lead to some issue later down the road.

kirsten said...

love the simpsons! can't wait to see the movie. love the pencil rolls, too - been wanting to try those!

Anonymous said...

cute cute cute! ilove the colors on your pencil rolls.

laeroport said...

Aren't pencil rolls fun? Your first attempts look so much more professional than my first attempts. Cringe!

Don't have a cow man!

jessi said...

Love the colors in your pencil rolls!

Karyn said...


I'm laughing out loud and now Joe wants to know why I'm laughing.

Cute pencil rolls!!! And very cute skirt.

(Still laughing, were you really bored???)

capello said...

you are INSANE. you didn't choose the fattest simpson for me. i mean, DUH, totally, wrong.

but thanks for fulfilling my dream of me being skinny. ;-)

amandajean said...

I love the pencil rolls + the ADORABLE skirt...so fabulous. (Again, with the wonderful red gingham. It looks so great with the yellow fabric.)

the simpson portraits are pretty fun. :)

TinkerBlue said...

Love The Simpsons. We were going tonight, but plans change. Maybe I can simponsize us all for Stew for part of the countdown. I need to find some photos.

quenna said...

The pencil rolls look fabulous -- maybe that will help the clutter in my house :)

nikko said...

Sigh... I really need a girl. That skirt is too cute. How much of that red gingham bias tape did you make?? :o)

The pencil rolls are cute, too. What ideas do you have for a bridal shower? I have one to go to soon!

Mirre said...

I love that skirt... wonderful fabrics!