Thursday, February 07, 2008

Around the House

... hidden "geocaches" around the house for each other to find.

... late-night soapmaking.

... a "fortune teller" on top of a cub scout uniform.

Also around the house: Last night before dinner, Spenser announced she wanted a haircut, which she has never had (besides cutting out a few twisted knots). She was very adamant. I asked her if she'd like her hair cut like mine. At first she said "yes," then she said, "no, like Daddy's." Hmmm. Thinning on top would not look so good on her. Then she said, "no, like the boys." Again, a flat-top is probably not the best look for her.

During the conversation I promptly got up and started hiding all the scissors. Who knows what she might do. It was so sudden. (The last time I got my hair cut, I asked her if she wanted hers cut, too, and she declined.)


Sonja said...

Hiding all the scissors sounds like a smart move to me!
Perhaps you can look at some cute girl haircut pictures and she'll be able to make a decision.

Karyn said...

I'm so glad you hid this scissors, although I'm sure it would make a very funny blog post if you didn't!

I love that your family is having so much fun with geocaching. Maybe I should hide some around the house for Joe to find!! LOL!!

kirsten said...

oh no! glad you hid the scissors. Does she need to hang out with girls more? :)

trimming her cute hair into a bob would be awesome.

nikko said...

Soap making sounds like loads of fun.

Hope Spenser doesn't find the scissors!

Sarah and Jack said...

I think the bob would be super cute too. Maybe there are some photos in a parents magazine or something she could look at?

(I can still clearly remember cutting the neighbor girls hair when we were 5. Her mother totally freaked out. I mean freaked out in a very scary way. LOL)

Anonymous said...

hide them! up high! and hide the chairs, and ladders, and anything that can be stacked.

capello said...

aaron's sister had a mullet from the time she was 4 until she was 8 and SHE LOVED IT.

although i do believe your little miss is a wee bit too young to make such a decision.

Beth said...

Thanks for the non-petroleum jelly link -- I have skin problems but hate to use petroleum byproducts!

Little Munchkins said...

Oh no! Definitely a smart move to hide all scissors. Hope she won't find them. Tell her girls who like pink don't like short hair LOL

amandajean said...

LOVE the hidden boys do that too. it makes me smile.