Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Baby Lounge Pants, Part Two

I cut out two additional pairs of baby lounge pants for Sawyer a month ago. It's taken me this long to actually sew them. Obviously it was not a priority. It became a necessity when I realized Sawyer didn't have any clean shirts. Sew or do laundry? Hmmm. I think I'll sew.

I love the flannel on the right. Squirrels and acorns. They are killing me! They look Japanese to me.

[And before you think that I don't do laundry, I do plenty of laundry every day. And I am almost always caught up on laundry. It's just that I still have some leftover Dreft baby detergent and I'm using that for most of Sawyer's clothes. (His dark corduroy pants and jeans go in with our clothes, so I didn't realize I had clean pants and no clean shirts to match.)]

On Sunday afternoon it was so windy that a large limb from our neighbor's tree cracked and broke off. Thankfully it missed both of our houses and my neighbor who had just walked under the tree a few seconds before it happened. The top of the tree branch is caught in one of our trees and I have the tree to thank for our windows staying intact. Carter was petrified to sleep that night, as his second-floor bedroom window is right next to where this took place and it was still so windy that night.


Karyn said...

1. I NEED a pair of flannel PJ bottoms made out of that squirrel fabric. I so love it!

2. You're almost always caught up on laundry????? I don't remember the last time I was "caught up"!

3. You sure are lucky that your tree protected your house. That must have been scary!

Tonya said...

Love the little outfits, so cute!

Glad the tree didn't hit any homes or people. We have huge trees around our house and dh is always worrying about them falling on the house, but I can't bear to cut them down, they are so beautiful.

sorry about the weather, it is gonna be 70 degrees here today : ) Of course, in July we will be dying with 100 degree heat and 95% humidity LOL

And I am gonna pretend I didn't read that you are usually caught up on your laundry........lalalalalala

nikko said...

Hmm... Can I sew today instead of laundry? Sounds like a great idea.

Yikes about the tree!

Chara Michele said...

Oh too funny, I actually had some of that squirrel fabric too! :) I used it on the back of a couple of scarves. Love the cute little outfits! (And I cannot imagine how often you have to do laundry with that many kids!)

Gail :) said...

I am glad no one got hurt by the tree falling! I Love Sawyer's outfits. Gina has many lounge sets made by mommy, but so far I have only made Adler onsies! I am not sure why I haven't made him pants yet! I can't say I don't have the time, because you manage to do it all with your family. Let's just say I haven't learned to manage my time well enough yet :) Again you are truly an inspiration :)!

amandajean said...

yikes! I am so glad for you that the tree didn't hit your house. I'd be freaked out too!

dig this chick said...
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dig this chick said...

I messed up on my comment. I love how google leaves it so everyone knows I tried to leave a comment and failed.

here goes.

I too love the squirrelly fabric. AND, I am so ready for spring!

Anonymous said...


Little Munchkins said...

Thank goodness you are all alright. It must have given you all quite a fright.

Love those cute outfits you keep making for Sawyer.