Monday, September 28, 2009


We love our hens. We have all hens. No roosters in the mix. I was worried for awhile. Everyone I knew thought they were buying all girls, and ended up with as many as half roosters.

But, on three separate days, we've gotten 11 eggs. And that totally confirms that our 11 chickens are all hens. Whew!

We have five araucana hens. Their feathers are so unique. As unique as their eggs. Two lay blue eggs. One lays green eggs. And two lay pinkish eggs (see front left egg). They were the last of our egg-layers to start and their eggs are a little small, but we have hope to believe that their eggs will get larger.

We not only enjoy eating our eggs, but baking the shells, crushing them, and feeding them back to the chickens. What pretty colors. (The blue and green eggs are slightly tinted on the inside of the shell, too.)

We've enjoy fried eggs, scrambled eggs, egg drop soup, crepes, and quiche, among other things. And it's so nice to use a fresh egg, right from the hen's bottom, for baking. The yolks are so bright and vivid. So much more yellow than store-bought eggs. I can't imagine a life without chickens. I think I'll always be a chicken farmer.

(We have a few broody hens. They all seem to like the same nesting box, and when several eggs are sitting around in the box, they will sit on the eggs to keep them warm. For hours at a time. We've literally had to move the hens to get the eggs out from under her. I kind of think it's mean, but sometimes if we need to go somewhere, we can't keep coming back to check if she's gotten down. I just love how motherly they act towards the eggs.)


Katie said...

Thank you for posting a picture of the blue eggs! Joey and I were arguing last night about how blue they were. I couldn't find my email with the picture so now I can rub it in his face!! :)
Love, Katie

P.S. Your eggs have also made a yummy spaghetti bake.

nikko said...

The shells are so pretty! I bet you'll come up with some cute easter projects/crafts for them!

Aunt LoLo said...

Ok, so here's a question - if you get 11 eggs A DAY, what do you do with all of the eggs???

Kat said...

We have "Raising chickens for Dummies" at the store. I saw it and thought of you. Okay that did not come out right. LOL I put it aside if you want it.

Diane said...

There is such beauty in the simpleness of those eggs. What a joy to have freshies each day!

FinnyKnits said...

I wish we were bigger egg-eaters so that I'd have a good reason to get chickens.

Wanting to wander the yard with a chicken under my arm isn't going over.

Pretty eggs!

jessi said...

These are so beautiful! I wish I could get some hens!

amandajean said...

the PINK EGGS are so very wonderful!!! i'm jealous.