Sunday, January 22, 2006

My return!

Alas! I have returned!!

I have been having trouble logging in, so I had Joe help. Turned out, it must have only been ME -- he logged in without any problems. So, I'm happy to be up and running again.

So much has happened.

First, I found my stroller (at church). That's where I left it, in my hurry from basketball to scouts to home. I was kind of disappointed because I saw a cute pink Jeep stroller months ago that I liked and kinda hoped I wouldn't find mine so I'd have an excuse to buy it!

Taylor's basketball team FINALLY won it's first game on Saturday! Well, I guess they had to. His team lost every game in the first set and were pushed down to the 2nd division. At least it was a victory -- no matter how you put it.

Carter is working on his 100th day school project. He has to collect 100 things and make something out of it. He wants to do something with Army men. I'm sure we have *at least* 100 of them around here!

Jack is still Jack. Being nice and all. Last night he said the bedtime prayer and said, "Thank you for a nice loving home." It was so sweet. I'm glad to know that it is sweet and loving in a 5-year-old's perspective. It always seems quite chaotic to me! But what do I know???

Mason is still wearing only Superman clothes. Luckily (?) I found his Superman shorts that the elastic busted in and I repaired them. He has not taken them off since (well, maybe for church and baths only). He's currently wearing Superman shorts and a Superman sweatshirt. I keep telling him to save them for Monday, but he just can't help himself. (A cute little Mason story: a week or so ago Mason found a postcard from our summer vacation to Topsail Island, North Carolina, with a battleship on it. He studied the picture for awhile and then said, "This is a temple-boat, right?" I guess the masts resembled the spires of our temples.)

Spenser is cute as can be. I don't think she can be any cuter. She climbed the baby gate from the family room - computer room and tumbled onto her little brown-haired head. At least it was a cushioned, carpeted fall this time, unlike her bout with the kitchen floor a few weeks ago. Spenser was sick a little, but we realized she has 2 new eye-teeth. Now, luckily for both of us, she is sleeping better at night.

Joe was on leave this past week. We had to have our 200-year-old tree euthanized. Sad, but true. It was too much of a risk having it so close to our 130+ year-old home. I was worried about the safety of my children, both in the house and outside. When the giant linden tree was leveled, after 2 days, the entire center was rotted beyond belief. It was only a matter of time until it caused some major problems. Thanks to a generous neighbor, who paid for half of its removal, we were able to have this taken care of.

I am awaiting the arrival of my new sewing/embroidery machine. I ordered it last week and, according to UPS, it is in Baltimore and will be delivered tomorrow, Monday. I'm excited beyond words. I have had many sleepless nights (starting off with Spenser crying and ending with my daydreaming) thinking about all the projects I'm going to do. (That's where I'll be all week, if you don't hear from me.)

Other news on my extended, but close family:

My sweet baby niece, Olivia (now 4 weeks), is recovering from RSV. She is no longer requiring round-the-clock breathing treatments. She has gained back the weight she lost while being sick. And we're very thankful that our prayers were answered.

My brother, Andy, is in his second week of fire academy. We are very proud of him. While he already has had the training from local classes (he's been an EMT/firefighter since he was 16, he's now 21), he is taking the "real" classes now for a neighboring county. We know that Andy will do a great job. He has been a great EMT/firefighter and has held many offices and won awards in five short years. Plus, he has my father's firefighting genes (who retired after 30+ years for a neighboring county).

I will post pix of our tree. You won't believe how giant it is (or was, before's its demise).

Until then ...

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