Thursday, December 07, 2006

Evening Festivities

Thank you for all of your birthday wishes for my little man. He had a great day. We gave him an art easel for his birthday and he loved it.

Joe didn't come home until late, so the children and I decided to go ahead with our Advent Stocking. Last night was chocolate fondue. Or, as Jack kept calling it "chocolate fundue."

The boys loved it, as did Spenser. She made quite a mess of herself and had to get right in the bath.

After Joe came home from work (8 p.m.), we sang Happy Birthday and ate gingerbread. Then I started on the party favors. My plan is Christmas stockings for the children, filled with some goodies.

I'm just at the cutting stage. Hopefully I will get some time today after preschool and be at the "sewing stage" before dinner. Or, better yet, the "finished stage." The party is Saturday and I have to still clean my house and put away my sewing stuff.

And, apparently I can't do more than one thing at a time. I was being quite distracted with little ones while writing yesterday's post and I'm not sure if I made sense! I was saying that my water broke at 9 p.m. (the night before) and my doctor reluctantly told me to go to the hospital. He still didn't believe that my water broke since I wasn't contracting. Well, I was right! My water had broken and I had not peed myself (three times in 20 minutes!). They had to induce me and Jack was born early the next morning, before the sun rose. It was my first really quick one. I was 5 cm at 4:25 a.m., and Jack was here at 5:22 a.m.

And, I forgot to mention yesterday that on 12/4 our Advent activity was reading a Christmas book.

Yes, see I am easily distracted!


beki said...

Happy belated wishes to your little man! It sounds like he had a great day. And gingerbread for a cake? Wonderful! Gingerbread, chocolate fondue, what yummy treats at your house.

laeroport said...

You have six children! How can you NOT be distracted?????

And what a great gift for the birthday boy - but please don't tell my children about the chocolate FUNdue. I'm not ready for that mess.

And for Eliot's upcoming birthday party - I ordered the goodie bag stuff from Oriental Trading. You've seen my list! There was no WAY I was adding birthday party favors to it.

Karyn said...

What a great birthday gift..and I just love that little crown!
It sure sounds like your advent calendar is fun!

capello said...

not "fun dude?" :-)

that's quite the easel that boy got! griff would be jealous!

angela said...

That's a great gift! and fundue sounds FUN! ;)

lindiepindie said...

Happy birthday to the little guy! What a great easel!

Spenser, such a cutie with all that chocolate on her face. And I'll be you just couldn't resist uploading another shirtless photo! Hee hee. Okay, I'll try to remember to let that be my last joke about that...I'll try.

Anonymous said...

Love the birthday crowns. Do you think I can talk my mother in law into wearing one when we go to Disneyworld for her 60th next year?