Friday, December 22, 2006

Last-Minute Christmas Woes

Do you get to a point in your holiday preparations when you finally declare "I am finished!" (and feel good about it?)

Last year I vividly remember that it happened on Friday, December 23rd, early afternoon. I remember it so well because we came home, unloaded the final presents and groceries from our car after returning from Jack's preschool Christmas program. I put my jacket and camera on my kitchen island and put a few things in the refrigerator. A few minutes later, when I went to hang up my jacket, our camera came crashing to the floor. It's final and fatal fall.

Yes. Two days before Christmas and our camera was broken. So much for being finished shopping. Joe had to immediately turn around and head back into town to buy a new one.

Yesterday I had the feeling that I was finished my shopping. It's such a nice feeling. Too bad it didn't last longer than it did.

Yesterday morning I had picked up an order of 8x10 photos I had of the children. I should have looked at them at the store. Half of Carter's face (lower right) has been cropped out of the photo. Not by me. By the photo lab. I can't really give them away as they are. So, I uploaded my photos to Target's one-hour photo lab. When I stopped in last night to pick them up (several hours later, I might add), I was told that they are out of 8x10 photo paper and that someone should have called me. Well that would have been nice!

Then, while I was changing a messy diaper, I realized that I had forgotten to buy (or make) something to take to the cemetery for my beloved sister. How could I forget her? She's been on my mind so much lately. It's not acceptable to not visit the cemetery without something ... especially at Christmas. (And I didn't make it at Easter because I was on bedrest. I remember my mother trying to convince me that I should still go to the cemetery, as I would be sitting in the car most of the trip. I didn't.)

Anyway, later yesterday I remembered that I had left the gift buying up to Joe for his parents. When he came home from work yesterday, he had a gift card for his father. Nothing for his mother. Uh, excuse me Joe, I've officially declared that shopping is over until the 26th.

Uhhh! So now I'm stuck at what to do for my mother-in-law.

Oh, and I forgot a stocking stuffer for little Sawyer. Oh, and a stocking!

And the boys forgot to take the Christmas gift for their bus driver.

So that "finished" feeling was just a farce.

And while I have a little bit of wrapping left, at least I know that I can finagle some gifts for my boys, in case I realize they aren't "even." And that's a nice feeling.
And, again, Sawyer is oblivious and, obviously, enjoying the holiday season more than his mother at this moment.


Anonymous said...

after reading your blog today, i justed wanted to tell you that you are an amazing woman. I am so thankful to have you as a friend. You are so thoughful to everyone around you. thanks for your friendship. yes, its me!

Emily said...

so, when you juggle, do you wear pointy shoes and a jingle belly hat????
I know I shouldn't have laughed when reading this morning, but I had to... I don't think there is anyone that hasn't felt this way. I think I am good, although I am pretty sure something is going to happen at any minute and make me not feel good..... I hope the calendars that I sent the Grands get there in time.

madmommy said...

Makes me remember the days of youth, when all we had to worry about was the interminable wait until Christmas Eve...I should send you some of my wonky cookies. We're all in this together! lol

lindiepindie said...

Okay, Lera, BREATHE! This is not what the holidays are suppposed to be about! We have friends that email out their Christmas letter and picture on Christmas day. They've been doing it ever since they've had 3 kids (now they have 4) and we, their friends all understand. I know how you feel - I feel the same way sometimes, but I hope you can get it all done in a way that you're happy with while still maintaining some sanity. Sorry for sounding like your mom again. I'll try not to do that in 2007. :o)

kookaluka said...

i was up late last night doing laundry and making my last 2 presents and all i wanted to do was relax after a busy week. i am kind of relaxing now though. we slept in till 7 and left at 9 this morning and now we are staying the night in gastonia NC at a nice fairfield that actually has soft beds and an indoor pool and only 59 bucks. much better than rushing in one day. avery is not liking the long ride. Merry Christmas!

kirsten said...

oh, lera - what a juxtaposition between post and photo! look at those cute cheeks - take a deep breath and write some stuff down - and then cross stuff off that you don't need to get done. use a sock for sawyer's stocking (i would say skip it, but the other kids would care). enjoy your kids and your holiday!

capello said...

serenity now!

beki said...

Oh dear, I hope everything worked out. Merry Christmas to you!