Monday, December 11, 2006

Weekend Recap

Saturday afternoon was Jack's birthday party. His cousins (some of them) and grandparents came. We ate warm brownies with ice cream. (We're not real big fans of cake.)

Then on Saturday evening we decorated tree #1 in the family room. Or, I should say that the children decorated the tree. Each child has his/her own container of Christmas ornaments and are allowed to put their own ornaments on the tree. After they were finished, the tree was pretty much covered.

I did put one ornament on the tree that I found in the family box. My mother-in-law gave it to us for Christmas in 2004, after Spenser was born. It has everyone's name on it:

And one empty space for Sawyer:

This ornament brought tears to my eyes when I saw the empty heart. We weren't even planning for Sawyer. I'm so happy he's here. He is definitely supposed to be here! The ornament says so. Our family is complete!

On Sunday afternoon we went to a family Christmas party in the basement of my grandmother's church. Santa came to visit with a toy for every child ... and a few adults.

And an Advent update (boy, I've gotten bad at this):

Thursday -- we watched Santa Claus is Coming to Town and ate popcorn.

Friday -- there was candy in the stocking (I think Reese's PB cups).

Saturday -- we decorated the tree (We actually put a slip of paper in the stocking to let them know.).

Sunday -- we drank hot chocolate with candy canes (thanks, Lori, for the idea!).


Nikki said...

Cool ornament! Can your mil get the same person to paint in Sawyer's name?

capello said...

i thought sawyer was planned.

in fact, i bet if you rotate that a little more there are two more empty hearts for two more babies so you can say "eight is enough"

(yes, i'm obsessed with that saying and you. you need two more. i say so.)

beki said...

How sweet! I love that there was a little empty heart for Sawyer.

Warm brownies & ice cream - YUM! I'd take that over cake any day!!

kirsten said...

oh, but decorating cakes is such fun! just not for everybody, i know!
glad he had a good day!