Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sewing and Sickness

We have some sick children in the house. I had to pick up Carter from school early because was running a fever of 102. He is coughing and has a sore throat. In the middle of the night, Spenser started with a croopy cough. Oy! Right before the holidays. Please don't let it spread!

Joe came home a little early last night. I sewed 10 more tissue pouches (that I cut out while the little ones were napping).
I made a tote for my mother. I love the fabric, but the quality of sewing is not the best. I may have to make another one. I wanted to use fabric for the handles, but did not have enough. The fabric's design was running in the wrong direction. I may have enough fabric to make an identical one. I'll have to see. (You probably can't detect the wonkiness in the photo.)

No soap or candies were made yesterday. I did not have the energy. Maybe tonight ...

We took the children around to see Christmas lights last night as part of our Advent. They had already bathed and were in their pajamas. We listened to Christmas music as we rode around. It was fun.

I think Sawyer is getting tired of all this holiday fuss. He just wants to rest.

And contemplate what to do next.


Cathy said...

Look at all those cute tissue holders! You are getting so much done. And your littlest is so cute, I love that expression... 'just let me get some rest!'

kirsten said...

driving around with pajama-clad kids - love it! we still need to do that. and i need to make more tissue holders - and a tote, and.... !!!
sending you healthy-wishes!

laeroport said...

We have the cough/runny nose at our house too. And now I've got a sore throat. I don't have time for this.

Wow! You can really churn out those tissue holders! And I love the bag, wonky or not.

And Sawyer, I'm with you boy. How cute! I love the driving around in P.J.s. Last night for us was supposed to be "fancy dress for dinner". Fortunately neither of my children can really read, so I switched it to dinner by candle light. So there we were, eating our chili mac & chese by candle light, with a tablecloth on the table and everthing.


capello said...

sawyer is all, "mom, seriously. this holiday stuff? so overrated. really, you should just SIT ON YOUR ASS MORE."

beki said...

What a sweet picture of Sawyer!
We have sick kids too - last week strep throat made it's way around my house. Now we're left with coughs and lots of runny noses.
I still have some crafting to do, but my little leach children haven't left me alone and they don't want to go to sleep. What fun!

shirley said...

That picture of Sawyer is so adorable! Great tissue holders, love the colors and the polka dots. You have lucky friends.