Monday, December 18, 2006

Weekend Happenings

I survived sleepover #1 for birthday #2. Barely. But I survived.

It started at a feverish pace. As soon as all of the boys (4) arrived, we made individual pizzas. We used pita bread for the crust and I had an assortment of toppings for them to choose. While they were baking, they started working on decorating their stockings. Some finished. Some decided to finish later (and then didn't) and some (my youngest children) didn't even start.

They played a board game (Zathura). Ran full speed through my house. Watched a movie (Ice Age II: The Meltdown). Ate popcorn. One of my nephews took the giant bowl of popcorn upstairs to the bedrooms and started throwing popcorn through the hole. Remember that hole? It was literally raining popcorn in my family room. A big mess. One that required a visit from Dyson. The boys finally settled down enough and watched a few Christmas shows. Joe and I took the baby upstairs.

Very early the next morning (before 7 a.m.) the boys were running madly through the house again. Even upstairs where we were still sleeping (including Spenser and Sawyer). I sent Joe downstairs to feed them breakfast and to send them outside to play. It was only 36 degrees, but it was good for them. And me.

10:00 a.m. could not come sooner for me. That was the end of the party. I was exhausted. Not too exhausted to make a batch of soap.
And not too exhausted to attend my niece's 1st birthday party. And not too exhausted to pick up a Christmas order from Office Depot.
For part of my "sisters" gift this year, I am giving a family Christmas cookbook. It includes all the recipes from our traditional Christmas dinner, Christmas Eve, Christmas cookies and desserts, and New Year's Day. Joe informed me that the ink cartridge was running low on our printer, so I uploaded my cookbook to Office Depot and picked up the ten copies on my way home from the birthday party. (I don't have 10 sisters, only three now. One is for me, my mother, grandmother, my sister-in-law, and my SIL's sister -- another long story.)
We borrowed the binding machine from Joe's work:

Now, I'm planning to use Linda's quilted cards tutorial and make a cover.

I addressed most of my Christmas cards last night after the children were in bed. I have several birth announcements to make to send with some of them. I'm also hoping to start some more tissue pouches, start making my Christmas candies, and make a batch of soap tonight after the kids are in bed. We'll see how that all goes, considering I'm not feeling so hot today. I've been nauseated since last night. And, no, Capello, I'm not pregnant!!!


beki said...

Woman, you amaze me!

Karyn said...

I'm tired just reading your post.

I'm in awe!!!!!

capello said...

seriously lera, you need to learn to sit on your ass more.

lindiepindie said...

Really, sleep woman! You need sleep! I used to push and push myself and just be tired, then around age 30 when I pushed myself, I would get a migraine. I hate migraines, but it was just one of the ways my body said NO MORE. Get some rest... and maybe some pretty paper would look great on the notebook covers, since the patchwork sort of takes some time. :o) YOU NEED SLEEP. Okay, I'll stop sounding like your mom now.

Alicia A. said...

Hey, Wonder Woman- you're makin' us all look bad!

TinkerBlue said...

I have no kids, do 10 tens less than you and am still exhausted. You amaze me!

Patricia said...

Can you come to my house, LOL!
I hope you have a restful holiday.