Thursday, August 10, 2006

Corners of My Home

These are Mason's feet coming out of the ceiling in our family room. Our old house has holes in the floors to allow the heat to rise. All, except this one, are covered with grates (cast-iron grates we have found on ebay and antique stores, prices ranging from $35-60 each). This one is in Carter's bedroom. It had a neat grate covering the hole, but the boys knocked over a wooden stool and cracked the grate. It is very difficult to find a replacement grate in the dimensions (and price range) we need ...

The grates that were in the house when we bought it had been replaced with cheap, nasty ones. They even had rectangular grates covering the two round ones. We have been trying to bring the house as close back to the original as possible.

If I could have reached these little feet yesterday, I probably would have kissed them.


colorfool said...

Ha! That's a funny picture....broken great, not so funny...but what can ya do.
The old houses we've been looking at had similar "heating", one of them had no upstairs heating so we were going to cut the holes ourselves. Maybe I should start searching for grate covers now, huh?

madmommy said...

Hilarious! Good thing he's too big to go through, although I'll bet in his imagination he can, kind of like those metal poles firemen have.

capello said...

That's kinda scary and really cute all at the same time.

Old houses. It's a love/hate relationship.