Saturday, August 26, 2006

Happy 4th Birthday, Mason!

Today is Mason's 4th birthday.

He was born at 4:38 p.m., and weighed only 7 lbs., 1.5 oz. (my smallest by far!). Everything about Mason has been a surprise. I was pretty pregnant before I realized I was pregnant. Thanks to nursing, I hadn't had my period since before I had gotten pregnant with Jack (early 2000).

When the hospital finally decided to admit me as a patient and give me a room, I was only 4 cm. Mason was born 48 minutes later. The doctor almost didn't make it in time. He was golfing.

Mason was born with red sores on his hands. The nurses said they were "sucking marks," and he was sucking his hands while he was in utero. Here's a live shot:

This is Mason and I shortly after his birth. As you can see, he's still sucking that little hand!

And this is Mason the day we were being released from the hospital. We waited and waited and waited (hours!) for the doctor to show up to sign the discharge papers, only to realize he had signed them the day before I was being released.

The boys loved Mason. When Mason was only a few days old, Jack picked up Mason while I slipped into the kitchen (for 2 seconds). Luckily I was only gone for a split second, because Jack was actually holding Mason face down (in the pillow) and Mason's face was red. After I flipped Mason over, I decided to take a picture. Jack was so proud!

And this was Mason's first birthday party. I can really see the "real" 4-year-old Mason in this picture. Those big blue eyes. Round face. Chubby arms. I could eat him up! Then and now.

Happy birthday, Superman May-May! I love you more and more everyday.


beki said...

Happy Birthday Mason!!!

capello said...

Wow, happy birthday Mason!

Griffin had the same sucking blisters on his hands. I had an internal monitor, and I immediately blamed the doctor for "breaking my baby."

colorfool said...

Happy Birthday Mason! I'm glad your special day "finally" came! ;-)
What a cute boy he is.

laeroport said...

Happy Birthday Mason!
I hope the party was a smashing success and that the kids (or at least their parents) appreciated those fancy gift bags!

lindiepindie said...

What a sweet boy - Superman clothes are very popular around here as well! With my #3, the doctor never did make it. :o) The nurses did a great job though. And isn't it nice when you don't have a period AND your past a lot of early pregnancy when you find out?? Pretty neat story.