Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend and Pregnancy Update

Update: Pictures added!!

**I still can't post my sonogram picture. Blogger won't let me!!!**

Friday morning I went to see my OB. My baby was still in breech position (as he has been for over a month). His head, however, had shifted from under my right ribs to under my left ribs. I was measuring only 32 weeks, instead of the 35 I should have been. Because of his position and my uterus size, she wanted me to have a sonogram soon (and to check on the placenta position). I had dilated to 1 cm (which I never, ever do until I'm almost in labor), but my cervix was still thick and long because the baby's head was not down to push on it. She said the baby's position is "unstable" and that I should see her associate, who has a good track record of "turning" babies into position. She also said that they would probably induce 1-2 weeks early, but they would not turn the baby until that time because of the positional instability.

So, I went for my sonogram this morning. That little stinker. He's now head down and in position! This little boy has been playing tricks on me this entire pregnancy! I apparently got pregnant in December, but had a full period in January. The pregnancy tests I took at the end of February were faintly positive and just were not very convincing. Then, when I started bleeding a lot (at the end of March), I thought I had lost him. Only to find out that he is strong and healthy and it was me that was having the problems (subchorionic hematoma and complete placenta previa). Then, just recently, the placenta moved out of the cervix's way (still need to hear from today's sono if it is at a safe enough distance to deliver vaginally), which was totally unexpected at this point of my pregnancy. And then he decided to go breech on me and stay that way until sometime between Friday morning and Monday morning. If this is any indication of how he is going to be when he's born, I think he can stay inside of me .... not!

I am now going to see the doctor on Wednesday morning and I guess we'll see where exactly the placenta is and if the baby is still in position by then. I can feel a lot of pressure in my pelvic area, which I didn't have a few days ago.

Anyway, we returned yesterday from "camping." Our cabin wasn't as nice as our last one, but it was still fine for camping. This cabin had 2 bedrooms (with a full bed in each) and a sofa-bed, which Joe and I slept in. It was the most uncomfortable mattress in the world. We could feel every coil as we laid down. (I actually think the baby could feel them through my layers of fat when I laid on my left side, where his head was, and he moved into position just to get away from those coils!!!!)

A little "Yahtzee!"

The boys loved walking on the rocks next to our cabin. I don't know why. All I can say is that they are boys!

We went swimming (or at least everyone else did).

Played miniature golf (again, everyone else did, Spenser stole my ball and played instead).

Ate s'mores. Sat around the campfire.

Went to the movies and saw Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (the free movie was a few minutes away and we went Saturday morning when it was a little overcast and calling for rain). And I was able to crochet a few things.

Spenser had to be saved from the kiddie pool several times, as she was so excited she kept walking too fast and falling. I jumped in at least three times (in shoes and clothing) to retrieve her. She still had a lot of fun.

It was a short weekend, and we kinda wish it had lasted longer, but I think that's what vacations are all about.


laeroport said...

Glad the little stinker decided to move. Hopefully the placenta's moved enough. I have my fingers crossed.

capello said...

Sounds like quite the weekend. Our list is like "actually paid bills, did two loads of laundry, grocery shopped."

Now, let's hope that the little stinker doesn't decide to be born in the next few days. Geesh.

Jen said...

WOW! You have had a CRAZY pregnancy. Atleast, you will be able to have cool stories to tell him when he grows up...My girls love stories about when they were born!

I'll keep my fingers crossed for Wednesday. I hope you get GREAT news!