Monday, August 07, 2006

A Little Bit of This and That

So, I sewed a tote bag for Amy's birthday during Spenser's nap on Friday. I ransacked my fabric stash and found this bright dotted print. I machine-embroidered her name on the bottom right in bright orange. I really like the colors.

Amy is really quiet and shy. When she saw the bag she said, "it is colorful." I was worried it might be too bright for her, although she was wearing a multi-colored striped shirt at the time. She brought it to church yesterday, so that's a good sign.

I started to get the "itch" to crochet Sunday afternoon. Knowing I already have three bibs and no new colors of thread, I opted to start a lacy scarf. I searched the internet and found this free pattern. I was wanting something feminine, light, and summery (even though summer is almost over) and this seemed to fit the bill.

After several hours, this is all I had done:

One website suggested that stylish scarves are now about 95" long. 95 inches?!? I don't think I will make it that long. I think I'll measure some of my winter scarves and make adjustments. It looks narrow, which I wanted, but it will be edged, too, so it will make it a little wider. The pattern says the finished width is 5 1/4", but I used cotton thread instead of yarn. (And I really wish I had enough of white. I was afraid I would run out of white before I made it into a decent-length scarf.)

And on Saturday afternoon, I headed to a K-Mart in search of Martha Stewart tea towels. I was happy to see they were 10% off. So I bought more than I should ...

This is what $31 of tea towels looks like:

There were so many to choose from. There were more there that I liked, but I really had to show some restraint!!!

Some will be used for kitchen towels. Some for aprons, maybe (the rooster towel)? And some for, I don't know, something (needle rolls?) ... if I can bear to cut them.


kookaluka said...

wow you went crazy with the towels huh. i like the colors in amy's bag too and like that the name is lower case and off center.

capello said...

look at the cherry one! and the rooster! i love that old school rooster.

crap, now i want to go to kmart. and i'm crippled. happy now?

African Kelli said...

Love, love, love the towels. And that bag is wonderful! Did you use your sewing machine to embroider her name? The fabric is fantastic.

colorfool said...

I finally caved last week and bought one set of fruit ones. Good stuff.

beki said...

Lucky you, 10% off!!! I wish they could go on sale here.