Friday, August 11, 2006

Wristlet Swap Package Mailed

I have already warned my Wristlet Swap partner not to read this blog today, but I believe she is heading out of town for a long weekend anyway. But, if not, Jessica, don't look!

Our Wristlet Swap assignment was to make a wristlet representing where we live. I live in Maryland and Maryland is known for its yummy steamed crabs. Although these little crabs look more happy than steamed, I couldn't resist the fabric when I found it on ebay. And it fit perfectly because Jessica said her favorite colors were lime green and orange.

And then a personalized tote, patchwork bookmark, and a tissue pouch using fabrics with lime green and orange.

And a few machine-embroidered labels (before my machine completely malfunctioned and I had to quit), some lime green and orange packaged ribbon and fabric, Good & Plenty candy (her favorite), a dark chocolate candy bar, and a bar of my homemade chocolate-mint soap.


Today Joe had a "mandatory" family day at work (the Army). Every year they have a mandatory (seriously, I'm not joking) family day at an amusement park. Don't worry. The Army or the government does not fund this. Even though it is mandatory, we have to pay our own admission prices. So Joe took Taylor and Carter to Six Flags today. Luckily they were able to get discounted tickets, though, and only had to pay $20/per person instead of the regular $35. Still, it's very odd to me to make something like that mandatory.

We usually go as a family, but I'm too pregnant and uncomfortable to walk around an amusement park all day. So, I've promised to take Jack and Mason to see Barnyard this morning so they don't feel left out. (Although I have not told them where the older boys are! A movie would not compare to Six Flags.)


laeroport said...

Oh my god I still haven't finished mine!!!!! Yikes!!!!!!

Love the labels!

And MANDITORY family day? What if you don't have a family? Do you get detention?

capello said...

well, they better revolt ... it's a good they it's not *mandatory* to have fun! Hrmp!

(Love the crap fabric!)

African Kelli said...

AY! She is going to seriously love this! Great work Lera!!!

madmommy said...

Ah yes, mandatory fun day! We had ours today also, just a picnic, but so hot and humid it was a disaster. I think sometimes they only do it so they can get paid to play horseshoes! But I love the goodies!