Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Re-Vamped Skirt and a Girl

This skirt was a maternity skirt until Sunday. We decided to have s'mores on the outdoor fireplace and Joe went out to start the fire. Sans kids (they all went out with him) I grabbed my seam ripper and removed the white, knit waistband from the top. Yesterday, when I had a few spare minutes when Spenser took her nap, I sewed a casing and inserted elastic to turn it back into a "regular" skirt. When I originally made the skirt, I had used a non-maternity pattern and had planned on trying to salvage the skirt and return it to "normal." The skirt started to get tight around my stomach where the knit waistband met the skirt fabric. It was time.

And last night after dinner, the boys wanted to go swimming in our little pool. Here Spenser is watching the neighbor's dogs playing in the yard. She loves watching them.

And then, upon further inspection of this next picture, I realized she is also playing in bird poop:

I love that girl!!!!


laeroport said...

What is it with kids and bird poop?

African Kelli said...

Fun skirt! Love the fabric. It is very pretty, springy and retro.

jen b said...

my son did that the other day. ewww!!!