Friday, August 25, 2006

No WIP's, but Finished Projects

I finished three more party favor bags last night (after the kids were in bed) for Mason's party tomorrow. (I had started making bags for 2 girls the other night, but they called back to say they couldn't make it. I figure I'll finish those when I have more time...)

And I finished this giant-sized crochet antique bib. It's in sage green, which I was really drawn to at the store. I started this bib while camping last weekend. It is really large. Although, it reminds me of something my great-uncle used to wear to cover up his tracheotomy.

I made a few mistakes while crocheting it. I skipped a special stitch in one of the upper rows that is supposed to have tufts (or those little round "bubbles"), so it is plain instead.

I crocheted it from this free pattern. (I was supposed to pick up my bib crochet book from Heidi on Friday before we left but she called me to say she lost it. I really can't think about that right now because it has me very sad.)

And then one more little crochet project that I started while camping. It's a little felted clutch. I've never felted before, so I'm not sure if it looks right. I imagined the stitching to get tighter. It is tighter than it was, but I thought it would be even tighter. (I ran it through the washer twice.)

I used this free pattern.

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laeroport said...

Don't you love it when kids cancel? Two less things for you to do. :)

And the bib reminds me of two we were given as a baby gift for Aidin. The were too pretty to use as bibs. I ran across one last night that I turned into a collar on a Ghawazee-type coat for Aidin to wear to Ren Fest several years ago.

And cute felted bag.