Friday, August 04, 2006

WIP Friday

Today's Work in Progress are two more wee bibs. The off-white antique-y one will probably be edged in the same color. The blue one will be edged in white (with white ribbon).

I have to work from the same pattern because my friend, Heidi, borrowed my bib pattern book and she is on vacation for the next 2 weeks (maybe less now).

Joe is back in town now, so my crocheting may be slowing down. I was crocheting a lot at night after the children went to bed.

I have a birthday present to make and deliver today for a friend. Maybe a tote? And a tissue pouch? Maybe an apron? I need to decide quickly.

And here is Spenser wearing a red-foam clown nose that Joe's parents gave the children. It is basically a red foam ball with a slit halfway through for the nose. I didn't like wearing it because it felt like it was closing my nostrils too much. And I'm partially claustrophobic.


capello said...

Oy, I can't hardly stand it when the kids put something in my face, let alone *on* my face.

African Kelli said...

The BIBS are so cute!

colorfool said...

Those bibs look like a lot of work. very neat though.
Spenser is too cute.