Tuesday, August 15, 2006

An Expensive Lesson

Do you remember this? When Mason decided to buy a few items on ebay while Joe was out of town? Well, it arrived. $55 worth of jewelry for Spenser. It's cute. But it's not what I would have paid $55 for. (I'm not wild about the clasps. They look kind of cheap.)

Joe and I decided it was probably better to pay for it, then to get negative feedback for non-payment. It was from the same seller, so it would have totally looked like we backed out.

Oh well. It was an expensive lesson.

Anyway, my new sewing machine has died. It lived only 7 months. (I'm a slave labor.) It died on Thursday while trying to make labels for my swap partner. It was making a horrible noise and the screen kept showing "safety device activated." (What the ???) I did manage to get it to sew a few more straight stitches on Friday before it completely bit the dust. Luckily the machine is still under warranty and they are sending me a replacement machine. I just can't sew now. Well, technically I can go to the attic to retrieve my old machine, but I think I'll just crochet and embroider for the next few days.

Mason's birthday party is coming soon and I was planning to make monogrammed drawstring bags as party favors to include school supplies. I can't make them until I get my new machine, so I'm a little anxious about that. If all else fails, I will make the bags with my old machine and find some other way to embellish them.


beki said...

Oh no, a dead sewing machine! Hopefully you'll get a fixed one soon.

capello said...

The jewelry is cute, but way over priced!

I hope they get you that new seweing maching soon! Hopefully the next one will have the power to keep up with ya!

Jen said...

Monogrammed bags for Mason's party...monogrammed capes from Tristan...now I really feel bad that all Madi had were McDonald happy meal boxes. Maybe I can get craftier by next year!

laeroport said...

Thank goodness for warrenties!

African Kelli said...

Darn it! Is there a guarantee you can call in for the machine? They surely should last longer than that!

jen b said...

sorry to hear about your machine. That really stinks! Hope your new one arrives quickly.