Thursday, July 27, 2006

Freaking Out a Bit

So I'm freaking out a bit.

No. No scary noises. (Joe is out of town until tomorrow.)

My security alarm is set (and has been since I decided no one else is going outside for the night).

I just checked my email and apparently Jack (5) or Mason (nearly 4) "won" two ebay auctions!!!!! Yes. I just got the invoice to pay via email. $55 worth of stuff. And not stuff they would want. Two little bracelets and a necklace for Spenser.

Apparently Joe bookmarked one to return to later and somehow the boys opened it up, placed a "buy-it-now" bid (even logging in to ebay) twice (from the same seller)! How is that possible?!?!? I'm even wondering if this is some kind of scam. Surely boys that age could not figure that out!!!

I even called Joe, who is in New York, to see if he was the actual bidder. He said he has been in meetings and wasn't on the internet (and doesn't remember our log-in information).

Nice. Really nice.

I guess I'm stuck paying for this jewelry. Spenser already has several pearl bracelets. Three to be exact. I guess she'll be sporting another one and a bracelet/necklace, personalized birthstone combination, too.


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capello said...


It sounds like a total scam.

My dad has an ebay account, and his log in got swiped and people were selling hundreds of thousands of dollars of stuff and people were then demanding my dad reimburse them or give them the stuff.

Contant admin at ebay. I swear it could be a scam.