Monday, July 10, 2006

A Few Pictures from the Weekend

Spenser sitting on her cobbler's bench. She's looking a little chubby there, but I assure you that she is a mere 22 lbs. (and I'm being generous) 20-month old.

The boys always have to pose! Carter, the soldier; Mason, the Red Power Ranger; and Jack, the Blue Power Ranger.

Joe, Carter, Jack & Mason piling up on each other on Friday night before we had our weekly family movie night.


A tote and tissue pouch (sewn today) for Nikki's birthday.

I forgot to mention that on Saturday, Christy and I went to the coveted Offray Ribbon Outlet! It was about an hour's drive, but well worth it. We also visited the Wonder Bread/Hostess Outlet; a mall of outlet stores; and Jo-Ann's. We made a quick trip to Costco's, too.

I forgot to take pictures of my lovely ribbon purchases. I may have to do that tomorrow! If I can remember.

Joe and the boys made homemade rootbeer on Saturday. After it fermented, it wasn't sweet enough, so Joe made another batch on Sunday.

Ooh! And Joe's mother offered to babysit the children on Saturday evening (out of the blue) so we could go out to dinner together! We went out for Mexican and then came right home. It was very nice, though.

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