Friday, July 28, 2006

Muffins and a Visit

I had invited some girls from church to my house this morning for muffins and juice. Spenser helped herself to three mini-muffins before anyone arrived. She's looking awfully guilty, huh?
Despite my repeated, "this is your last one," she kept going.

And this is my view down our dining room table. I usually sit at the end where the camera is because it is closest to our kitchen. Joe sits at the end where Spenser is chewing on the tablecloth. The boys sit in the side seats. There are six side chairs, which will be great for our six children. (We have more chairs to add for company.) I just love the big, long table.
It is not always this empty. Usually my sewing machine and stuff sits here (at my end). I had to clean it off last night before company arrived this morning. I think I like this minimalist look. (You should see my formal living room now. That's where I stuck all my sewing stuff ... yikes!)

And did you see this from last night's post? After that little incident, I went into the kitchen and realized we had a major leak under our kitchen sink. I turned off the hot water supply and it seems to have stopped. Joe will be home later tonight, so he will have to deal with it. Probably tomorrow.


African Kelli said...

Man she is so cute!!

capello said...

Someday, I want a big long old dining room table. I love yours!

Glad you had some company over. Even thought it's typically more chaos, it always seems to make things better. Yes?