Sunday, July 09, 2006

Friday's Sonogram

On Friday we had our most recent sonogram. I think that makes #4.

We saw our little guy. No matter how many children you have, no matter how many sonograms you have, each one is special.

Here is a picture of his profile. (I still think he looks like Jack!)

Here is his little face. You can see his eyes, nose, and mouth!

Our little guy is approximately 3 lbs., 5 oz. right now. And that's with 10 weeks left until my due date (9/19/06). Because of his size, the sonogram was showing a due date of 9/13/06. Now I don't feel so bad if I have to evacuate him early. (He was also in breech position.)

While the placenta did not appear to be covering my cervix in this sonogram (she said she would have to do an internal sonogram to be sure), it was still low-lying and posteriorally placed (up the back).

So, while I still have to wait for the radiologist to review the sonogram, and my doctor to receive the report, I will assume things are still pretty much the same.

He has been very active lately. It seems that I can feel his every move. All day. All night. And I don't even mind that I have my normal "pregnancy insomnia" right now, because I really am enjoying every moment. Even if I am complaining of pressure, cramping, pains, pains, etc., it's still a miracle and I have been very blessed.

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