Thursday, July 13, 2006

Pajama Bottoms

So I thought "I need some pajama bottoms for after the baby is born. Something not too hot, but something comfortable." (When I was on bedrest, Joe took over laundry duty and "shrunk" all of my pajama pants. I have loooong legs and have a hard time finding anything to fit. When I found 2 pairs of pj bottoms that were long enough, I decided to only hang-dry them. Joe dried them in the dryer and they are too short now.)
So, I sewed a pair of capri-length pj bottoms yesterday before our trip to Ft. McHenry. I used McCalls pattern 4979. It was easy, except for the darn drawstring. It was narrow and hard to turn. I wound up sewing a new one that was wider. I am planning to make more, however I will use ribbon or something else for the drawstring next time.
I sewed it from some new "vintage" fabric. There is a collection of "vintage" prints at Jo-Ann. This one was on clearance for $1.20 a yard.

Here's a funny picture. When I showed them to Joe yesterday he said, "they're cute, try them on." I said, "they aren't maternity ... okay." So, I put them on and I can fit into them!!! I wouldn't say they would be comfortable to wear at 7-1/2-months pregnant, but I can fit into them!!!!!! (And they are size small 8-10.) My bathroom scale was very friendly to me this morning. We're not quarreling anymore and I stopped calling her bad names.

I took the boys bowling this morning. It was a little hectic, as they were expecting a large group in and we had to rush to get out of their way. When the group showed up 1/2 hour early, it became wild. I made reservations to take them next week, so hopefully it won't be so rushed then. (Hardly any pictures turned out today because of the lighting and the kids were so active that any setting I chose on the camera made them all blurry when they jumped and clapped and danced.)


African Kelli said...

Holey moley! Those pants are super cute! And good for you for sewing up a new pair. That is so awesome. I haven't ventured into the world of sewing clothing yet.

kookaluka said...

lookin cute!

colorfool said...

Those are sooo cute! And your belly is perfect!

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