Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wanna See Something Funny?

So I've posted a few times that I used to crochet (many moons ago ... pre-mom days). And I've been trying to "learn" again.

So, I stumbled upon a "wee mittens" pattern (for 0-3 months) that I tried before I got pregnant with Taylor (over 10 years ago) and decided to give them a try for my new little one.

As I crocheted along, it seemed like the mitten was getting wider and wider and I was somehow adding more stitches than necessary.

Finally, I had to stop myself from continuing. This is how big and wonky it was:

Go ahead. You can laugh. I was.

It could seriously fit on my hand (if it were longer). It was so funny, that I decided to put it on one of Spenser's dolls.

Last night I tried it again and one mitten turned out better than the other. I still have a little detail to do, and then, maybe, I'll post that picture. Of course, just to prove to you that not all projects turn out like the one above.

**And, if you missed Mailorder #2 from Angry Chicken / Kingpod, there is a reprint here. This is the one with the adorable bonnets! I just received mine in the mail today.**


capello said...

Hey, every cabbage patch kid needs a beanie!

(I got your package today, thank you so much! I can't find your email address -- apparently I'm retarded -- otherwise I would have emailed already. Thank you!)

African Kelli said...

It is a cute bonnet!