Monday, July 17, 2006

A Little Weekend Yard Saling

I haven't been to a yard sale in probably years. Since Joe works most weekends, and I'm not dragging 5 kids around with me, I just haven't gone. Until this weekend. Joe (who just changed jobs within the Army from the batallion to the brigade) had off this weekend. Again! Three weekends in a row. This has never, ever happened the entire 11 years we have been married! (And I don't think he has to work this Saturday either!!!) Okay. Breathe.
My mother had the four boys spend the night (they keep bugging her and everyone else) with one of their boy cousins. So, with a morning to "ourselves" (to include Spenser, of course), we headed to town to check out some yard sales.
These are the things we found.
Some blue glass jars. (I love little glass bottles and jars.) A little dolly for Spenser, two brooches, and four miniature dice.

We found this little pink box at the antique mall. It was $10 with 20% off.

A little vintage knitting pamphlet (even though I can't knit) for 25 cents. And a jar of white buttons (some vintage, some new) for $2.

And this is why I began my yard saling on Saturday. In search of a chair that I could paint white for a certain spot in my house (to be revealed on the next "Corners of My Home"). I did not want to spend a fortune on the chair, and I wanted a round-back chair. I found a set for $10. And the cool thing is that I knew the little old lady who was selling them. She said she "set up housekeeping" with them and she was married for more than 60 years (her husband died about 4 years ago). It's not usual to get a story with an old find. Not to mention that I've known the lady since I was a child. (I'm thinking that I don't have to paint them white, since they are off-white. And are so "shabby chic" with the chipped paint.)

And, finally, a little sewing. I sewed four tissue holders for gifts. The brown and blue floral went to Christy for her birthday (with a giftcard to Jo-Ann). The other three went to three ladies in church who cleaned the church for me a few weeks ago. Our church rotates through the members to clean the church (empty trash, vacuum, wash windows, etc.) each week. We only have to do it about once every 10-12 months and there are 3 familes assigned each week. When it was our turn a few weeks ago, the other ladies decided that I should not do it (because of being pregnant and with my complications), so they refused to let me help. Isn't that so sweet? And one lady (who wasn't assigned to clean) came in and helped. As a "thank you" I made tissue pouches for each of them.

We also stopped at the "Swap Shop" at the recycling center and found a floral hatbox and a small bicycle with training wheels ... for free!

Taylor is at Cub Scout Day Camp this week (from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.). I will miss him around the house this week. I like my children close by. Am I goofy??


capello said...

No, you're not goofy, just a good mom.

You had some great finds, and making those tissue holders was really sweet!

African Kelli said...

What a wonderful time with your husband! I am so glad you got the opportunity. I hope with his new position you'll be able to spend more weekends together.
The chairs, btw, are fab!

kookaluka said...

good finds. i love the blue glass and doll. you'll have to make clothes for her. you should also make cute quilted chair back slips. it would make them comfy. i used up that gift card today. thanks!