Friday, July 21, 2006

No Work in Progress This Week

Well, I guess that's not entirely true. Yesterday morning as I was drawing her bath water, Spenser (who had already taken off her diaper) kind of grabbed herself. I asked her if she had to go pee-pee and she said, "uh-huh." So, to the potty we went. I really did not expect anything (she's only 20 months old), but when I went through the motions of wiping her, I realized she had peed! (She did it again last night, but I heard it this time. No bath water running.)
This morning I popped her on as I was running the water and I heard her go. When I went to wipe her, she had pooped, too!
I'm certainly not forcing her, but I am encouraging her. I still thinks she's a little too young to understand. But, she likes the bubbles I blow for her after she goes potty (as she sits on the potty).
My sewing WIP are the same as last week. I never actually got around to those projects. Just some others.
Including, more skirts for after the baby:
Sewn from a thrifted sheet and fuschia bias tape. Yeah, I know. It matches the bag I made a while back. But, I'm not planning to wear them together. I just love the color combination of hot pink and green.
And a little nasty story about that sheet. When I cut out the pattern, I noticed a "stain" on the sheet. I promptly cut out another piece and sewed the skirt. After the skirt was finished, I was ironing it and noticed another stain. I know ... YUCK! These were smaller ones, but still disgusting. But, luckily I have a supply of those Clorox Bleach Pens and it took away all of the nasty stains. Even though the sheets had been previously dried. If you don't own a bleach pen, you need to get one ... or two.
And another skirt. Slightly (ahem) larger to hopefully wear home from the hospital. Also sewn from a thrifted sheet.

And I needed two quick, last-minute gifts for the two ladies who have been carpooling Taylor to cub scout day camp this week. What else would I give? Why, chocolate and tissue pouches, of course! (Did you really have to ask?)

And one thought to end this week's posts. I read this on the back of one of those Dove chocolates (pictured above). I don't normally eat chocolate or candy (I prefer salty, spicy things), but I had to make sure they tasted okay. This is the quote from the wrapper, "Wink at someone driving past today." Kind of funny, huh? Do you really think that if you winked at someone while they were driving past that they would notice? The thought of it made me laugh out loud. So I leave you with that.


capello said...

You amaze me!

Lucky you that you have a child *interested* in the potty. It took over six months to train Griffin and I didn't start until after his third birthday. Dawin just turned two and he doesn't even realize when he poops yet.

colorfool said...

That is great about Spenser. Keely has no interest STILL!! I can't believe how much sewing you get down with a house full of kids. I'm lucky to sew one thing a week!
I like the skirts a lot, especially the last one.
I wear skirts almost everyday in the summer.
-and you must not worry about your weight, you are soooo tiny. I gained almost 60 lbs. when I was preggo, not because I ate a lot just because that's how it went. I was enormous!

African Kelli said...

Spenser is your loveliest work in progress. Such a sweet one.

laeroport said...

Yea for the potty! And go bleach pen. My mom attacked Aidin the other day with a Tide pen after a chocolate brownie incident and it worked great too. But that was a new stain. And I agree - how do you get so much done with all those lovely children?