Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Wee Bib

I've been crocheting a lot since Joe's been away. (I had to clear away my sewing stuff from my dining room table last week for my little "brunch" and had to keep it somewhat clear for some dinner guests last night.)

This bib was from this free, vintage pattern. It was very easy. In fact, this was my "practice" one and I've made another (not quite finished yet) with higher-quality crochet thread. I searched through my vintage button stash around midnight last night and found the perfect little shank button for this bib.

This morning we went to the free family movie in Gettysburg. My friend, Kim (my Harley-riding friend), and her children met us there. We watched Hoodwinked. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Lots of popcorn was consumed. Lots.

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kookaluka said...

what a fine bib for a fine little boy!