Friday, August 18, 2006

WIP Friday

Here are some pj bottoms that I started before my sewing machine croaked (a former WIP). Something has gone awry. Despite the fact that this is the same pattern that I used for the other two, capri-length pj bottoms, the waist is not matching up ... at all ... by a few inches.
These are supposed to be full-length (33" inseam, see, I told you I had long legs!) and the legs are fine. I used a thrifted sheet and the hem of the sheet for the hem of the pants.
These will have to wait until my friend, Christy, can help diagnose the problem and come up with a solution. (I have a limited amount of sheet left ...) And until I get my new machine.

This weekend we are going "camping." Don't gasp. I know you're thinking I'm nuts to go camping when I'm so pregnant. Truth be told, we have reserved a deluxe cabin, complete with kitchenette and bathroom!!!! (and of course, air-conditioning!!) So, I'm packing up some crochet stuff in my tote and some embroidery things in a tin. I'm thinking more Stitchettes.

And Mason, again, dressed in the green power ranger costume, complete with a lion head. Despite the incredibly hot and humid day yesterday, he insisted on wearing this.


beki said...

Camping with an bathroom and AC - that's my way of camping!

laeroport said...

I'm a tried and true Girl Scout, but that kind of camping sounds great to me!

And is it the pants that are wonky around the waist... or you? Ha!

Have a great time with your lovely family!

colorfool said...

Have a good weekend!
Mason is really cute!

Jen said...

Camping?!?!? Well, atleast you can take Mason's lion costume to scare away the bears!

capello said...

That is one feroucious lion!

I'm loving the stitchettes.

And you certainly have the correct philosophy with that camping business.

(Look at all those comments! Wow!)