Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wednesday. That's it. Just "Wednesday."

Poor little Spenser has been running a fever for a few days. That's really her only symptom (besides clinginess and whining). She's been (unwillingly) taking liquid Advil and it seems to be helping. I guess if it continues, I should take her to the doctors.

Yesterday I took the children to the free family movie and we watched Curious George. The boys seemed to enjoy it. Spenser, not so much. She has been such a busybody in the theater lately. She walks between Taylor (who usually sits at one end) and me (at the other end), gets in her stroller, tries to sit on my lap (there's not much room to sit there these days), sits on the arm rest, tries to sit in her own seat until it starts to close up and then freaks out, etc. I'm so worried about where she's wandering, I can't really watch the movie. Not to mention the boys keep sending me their paper cups for popcorn refills. So, I saw very little of the movie. I ate waaaaaaay too much popcorn though. I felt nauseated after the movie for most of the day. Not good. And the baby in my belly became a little active and then my stomach felt really bad with all that movement. Ugh!

Today the theater in Gettysburg is showing Nanny McPhee for the free movie, but I've decided not to take the kids. I think if I smell popcorn today, it won't be a good thing. Plus, we own the DVD and they've watched it a million times.


And totally unrelated ... do you remember these candies???

I found them at a Wal-Mart on Saturday (not my regular Wal-Mart) in a "gourmet" chocolate section. I haven't seen these since I was in college, when my roommate and I would get them out of the vending machine. They say they are from Germany.

I bought 2 boxes and the boys love them.

Talk about a blast from the past! Whew!


capello said...

The only place I've seen that candy is when I was in Germany. Hmmm...

Sorry to hear about Spenser's fever... we've been suffering the same here. Hrmph.

laeroport said...

I hope Spenser is feeling better soon. I hear you on toddlers at the movies! I have to tie Eliot down. He's not really old enough to be interested in the movie... althoug if it were about Thomas he might sit still.

I think the last time I saw those candies was in the Duty Free Shop in Frankfurt airport. But I spend all my duty free chocolate money on Toblerone.

African Kelli said...

I have never had those candies! But I really want to see Nanny McPhee. Something about kids movies that make me all happy and not cynical.

jen b said...

I loved these! Hope your baby girl is feeling better!