Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Little Bit of Everything

Yesterday morning Mason (middle) went to preschool for an ice-cream party. There was a puppet show, duck-duck-goose game, bean bag game, and a parachute/ball game. Jack (right) joined us, as he doesn't return to Kindergarten until next Tuesday. Spenser participated a little. She was afraid of the flying balls, so she stood back to observe.

And here is Spenser trying to put on her bathing suit. Silly little girl.

And a child-size embroidered tote for a special, little, 3-year-old girl whose birthday was Monday. What was inside the tote? An "official" US Army hat, which she wanted and liked more than the tote.
And my pregnancy update:
Today was my OB appointment. I am still 1 cm. (I never dilate more than that unless I am in labor for several hours. The first part goes slow. The end goes quickly.) I lost a pound! And the baby is still head down! Yeah!

Joe is home today. He had to work late one night last week (or the week before ?) and they gave him the day off today! Very big surprise for us! For more than 5 years he has worked until midnight one night a month (and had to be at work normal time the next day) and they have never, ever, ever given him time off! This is definitely a first! (And the General has given them a four-day weekend! It was just announced yesterday!)


capello said...

Yay for days off!

How many more days until we get a baby annoucement? It's getting *close*...

Jen said...

You are such a good mommy. I always forget to take my camera to things!

So what are you going to do on your special 4 day weekend...camping again?

lindiepindie said...

That is wonderful news that the baby is head down! He must know what he's doing!

FinnyKnits said...

Nice finds! Sounds like a successful trip to the thrift shops.

Can't wait to see the "Arrived" post. Soon!