Monday, August 28, 2006

First Day of School

Today is the first day of school for Taylor, Carter, and Jack. While I do miss them a little, I'm also happy they are gone. The past few weeks have been wild and hairy at my house as summer break was winding down. I think we need a little break. And with only Mason and Spenser home today, the house is very peaceful and quiet!

Jack is starting all-day Kindergarten. This is new to my family, as it was just phased into the school districts. With Kindergarten, Jack will only go today for evaluations, and then will return full-time next week after Labor Day.

On Friday night (before Joe made it home from New Jersey), I started to have some contractions. Maybe about 7-10 total. The first one took me by surprise and it wasn't until I had a few more that I realized what they were. (Yes, even women who have been through childbirth 5 times can question it.) At first I thought the baby was moving in a weird way because I suddenly felt a lot of pressure and then had to pee really bad. I had a hard time walking. I really thought it was just the baby.

And then I had another one a few minutes later. And another one a few minutes after that.

I never, ever have contractions unless I am in labor. At which point they are always 5 minutes apart or closer. Not necessarily intense at first, but close together.

And, I have never, ever gone early. I'm not due for three weeks!

At first I was thinking, "this is cool, I'll have the baby early." Then reality set in. Mason's birthday and party are tomorrow (Saturday). My house is not "clean" ("nesting clean," like the chair legs in the kitchen and the baseboards and the upper kitchen cabinets). The baby was only 5 lbs., 6 oz. (+ - 1/2 lb.) according to Monday's sonogram. Joe is still out of town! I don't have a name for this baby!!!!!!!!!

Not good.
Not good.
Not good.

Then the contractions stopped. Whew! And I haven't had any since!


Jen said...

Thank goodness for quiet had better take advantage of it now! Who know's..things might change next week....

Your kiddies are cutie pies!

kookaluka said...

we are all happy blogger mommies this morning!

colorfool said...

The boys look so happy and ready! ;-) Hope they had a good first day.

Glad the contractions stopped and I hope they hold off for at least another week. Time is flying now, huh?

capello said...

It was probably your panic attack that stopped the contractions -- I went into labor with Grififn during a big ice storm. When the neighbor's house Caught On Fire, I thought um, yeah, I'm not going in labor. period. and they stopped.

The mind, it is a beautiful thing.

As is school starting. Yay!

beki said...

Oh my, that baby needs to stay put a little longer!!

lindiepindie said...

I sure had a lot of contractions with #3. I would go several hours and have them regularly every 20 minutes or so, then they'd just stop. When I finally went into labor, I thought it was a false alarm. 30 minutes after we got the hospital, he came. :o)

I think I'm going to read this blog...your crafty stuff is here, too, AND I get to know you a bit better!

What's the hold up with the name?

FinnyKnits said...

Hold on baby! Wait for dad to get home!

Good luck (although, I believe you have this pretty much locked in by now) and best wishes :)