Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Few Party Favor Bags

Here are the "boy" version of the party favor bags for Mason's birthday party on Saturday. Mason loves, loves, loves Superman, so I tried to use "Superman" colors. Until I ran out of red bias tape. Luckily, the two with blue drawstrings are for my two oldest sons.
I have a few girl bags to do. They are fuschia with light pink names. The names are embroidered, they just haven't been sewn yet. And Christy talked me into lining them. So, they are all lined with muslin. (About halfway through I was wishing I hadn't!)
These will be filled with school supplies (crayons, colored pencils, small tablets) and maybe a little candy or some snacks. I haven't decided that part yet.

And here are Joe and Spenser last night in their Army habiliments.


laeroport said...

Would those be said school supplies purchased yesterday? And you lined bags for kids' party favors? Oh, my you are industrious!

colorfool said...

Lined favor bags? Impressive! They look really cute....but not as cute as ms. Spenser!!! Is she a giggly little one? She always looks so happy...with or without habiliments!

capello said...

She looks like a little daddy's girl there!

Thanks for making me feel bad about using cellephane bags at our parties. Thanks a lot.