Thursday, August 31, 2006

Yesterday's Thrifty Finds

A little sewing table. This is an old wooden table that used to have a drop-down sewing machine. It has been covered in lime green contact paper, that my boys called "green Band-Aids." The drawer is fake. This will go in my "sewing room" (which is now the sunroom/toy room) after the basement is completed for the new toy room.

Price: free at the Recycling Center's Swap Shop

A solid wooden dresser, painted off-white. This will be painted with a fresh coat of white paint and be used for the new baby. It is on the porch because Joe was using Lysol to spray down the insides of the drawers.

And the tag on the back shows it was made in Baltimore.

Price: free at the Recycling Center's Swap Shop.

An old knitting/crochet booklet of afghans (from 1980); a children's book of "More Things To Make and Do;" and a little book called "George Washington's Breakfast" from the 70's.

Price: free at the Recycling Center's Swap Shop.

I also picked up a small, off-white ceramic bowl for free, but that is in the dishwasher.

And some sheets and pillowcases from the the thrift store. The bottom one and the two on the left (top and bottom) are sheets. The rest are pillowcases. The center one had a twin, so I bought that as well. The blue one has giant butterflies all over it and was part of a triplet, so I picked those us as well. The pink rose pillowcase in the back has a nice thread count and, upon closer examination, is a Laura Ashley pillowcase. I think this will be used for Spenser's new "big girl" bed.

Price: $1.50 per sheet; 65 cents per pillowcase.


colorfool said...

Good stuff! Your sheets are much cheaper than the ones I find. I think they charge more because they know I'm coming to buy them. You've got a lot of good prints there. I just love sheets. Fun.

kookaluka said...

good finds. i need to go to that swap. where is it and when? ok enough sheets already. i swear you have an addiction. is there a linens anonymous help group?hee hee

beki said...

Great score!

laeroport said...


capello said...

wow. I'm amazed!