Thursday, September 07, 2006

Corners of My Home

Remember this picture? And look at Spenser looking down the hole with her chocolatey cheeks!

I guess my former corner photo prompted Joe to, once again, search ebay for some grates. We found a reasonably-priced round, cast-iron grate for the ceiling, looking up into Carter and Jack's bedroom. But I think we still need one to actually cover the opening.

The grate has been painted shiny black, although it appears gray in the above picture.

And Joe removed the green contact paper off my thrifted sewing table and cleaned up the top. He did a great job. (And he has painted the dresser a fresh coat of bright white, too!)

Oh, and my "official" pregnancy update from yesterday's appointment:

still 1 cm

cervix is still long and thick

baby is still head down

I did not gain any weight. Well, technically I did, but they use a digital scale and they apparently do not round up. I think I gained 1/2 a pound. I'm still flying right below the radar of my max weight. I usually hit 160 lbs. and have the baby ... I'm at 158.8 (but only 158 according to them ... that'll do). Maybe I need to hurry and gain the weight so the baby will come!

Did I really just tell you what I weigh???


laeroport said...

Oh girlie, to be 158.5 and about to pop. I'm fewer pounds behind you than I'd care to be an I'm not giving birth to anything. No. Instead I'm belly dancing with a bare, flabby gut the next two weekends. Why? And you'd think that would motivate me to do a sit-up or two.

capello said...

You're only 158 and pregnant?

You really need to learn how to eat and sit on your ass some more.

Jen said...

That table looks really nice. Joe did a good job!

Here's hoping for more dialation!

beki said...

That thrifted sewing table looks fabulous, like a piece of fine furniture.

Only 158 pregnant? You don't even want to know what I get up to. It isn't pretty.